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22o5 Promotions

Bringing world class live Americana, Roots and Country music
to West Sussex, East Surrey, North Kent and beyond!

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22o5 Promotions exists to bring world class live Americana, Roots and Country music to the people of West Sussex, East Surrey, North Kent and beyond.  We are avid music fans who want to bring quality acts to out-of-London venues. 

Our goal is to bring the very best US & UK Americana, Roots and Country artists to venues near you.  22o5 Promotions also aim to give local performers the opportunity to showcase their talents.

22o5 Promotions is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.


Our Next Show

Hot Club Of Cowtown

Saturday, 11th November 2017 

Doors Open 7:15pm

Tickets £20

Hawth Theatre  (Studio)

Hawth Ave


West Sussex

RH10 6YZ


Line up for 2017


Hot Club of Cowtown

Hawth Theatre Crawley 

11 November 2107

Tickets £20

Sarah Jane Scouten

Upstairs at the Dorset Arms

13 October 2017

Tickets £10

Don Gallardo & The Far West Band

Upstairs at the Dorset Arms

13 July 2017

Tickets £10

Amelia White & Danni Nicholls

Upstairs at the Dorset Arms

18 November 2017

Tickets £10

A Night in Nashville 

with Sarah Darling, Jenn Bostic and Michael Logen

Hawth Theatre Crawley 

20 May 2017


Jason Wilber 

with Jonas & Jane

Upstairs at the Dorset Arms

22 April 2017

Tickets £10

Paul McClure with his Local Heroes

with Ben Smith and Jimmy Brewer

Upstairs at the Dorset Arms

9 March 2017

Tickets £10

Americana Live!

Hawth Theatre Crawley

12 February 2017


Carter Sampson

with Liv Austen

Upstairs at the Dorset Arms

28 January 2017

Tickets £10


Lauren Housley & Her Band

Hawth Theatre Crawley 

5 June 2107

Tickets £15

East Court Live

East Court Terraces East Grinstead

4 June 2017


Hannah Rose Platt & Luke Tuchscherer

with Anna Howie

Upstairs at the Dorset Arms

25 May 2017

Tickets £8 in Adv £10 at the Door


Lisa Mills

Hawth Theatre Crawley 

5 July 2017

Tickets £15

Annie Keating & Her Band

with Jemima Price

Upstairs at the Dorset Arms

29 June 2017

Tickets £10

Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles

with Ags Connolly

Upstairs at the Dorset Arms

14 June 2017

Tickets £10


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We're members of the Americana Music Association UK are you?  If you want to know more about what the association does or what it could do for you, contact them at TheAMAUK