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22o5 Promotions

Music Promoter - bringing live Americana, Roots and Country music
to East Surrey, West Sussex, North Kent and beyond!

22o5 Promotions exists to bring quality live Americana, Roots and Country music to the people of East Surrey, West Sussex, North Kent and beyond.  We are avid music fans who want to bring quality acts to out-of-London venues. 

Our goal is to bring the very best US & UK Americana, Roots and Country artists to venues near you.  22o5 Promotions also aim to give local performers the opportunity to showcase their talents too.

22o5 Promotions is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

What's New

**** Texas singer songwriter, Amanda Pearcy, is coming to East Grinstead on June 30.  Amanda’s music is rooted in her hardscrabble history, authentically grounded in her earthy, soulful voice. Testifying to her southeast Texas upbringing.  Her songs carry a sense, and the sensuality, of the South. 

Kaity Rae, British Americana singer songwriter, will be opening for Amanda.  ****

***  Wild Ponies will be coming back to The Dorset Arms!  After a successful show in November 2015, the band return to East Grinstead on Sunday, June 26 with new songs and a new album.  If you were there in November you will know just how good an evening we all had, tell your friends and family that they are back in town.  

Barbara Nesbitt will be opening for Wild Ponies.  A Georgia native, her life is reflected in the songs she writes which are about the ways, large and small, we abandon and seek that elusive safety of home.  Currently, based in Austin Texas, she is dividing her time between The Whiskey Sisters, Tim Flannery & The Lunatic Fringe, and her ‘solo’ project simply called Barbara Nesbitt ***

** Due to scheduling conflicts we are very sorry to announce that the Guy Davis & Brooks Williams show has been cancelled for November 27 .  Don't worry we'll get them next time!  **

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Wild Ponies, with special guest Barbara Nesbitt

Dorset Arms

East Grinstead

June 26, 2016

Amanda Pearcy, with special guest Kaity Rae

Dorset Arms

East Grinstead

June 30, 2016

We're members of the Americana Music Association UK are you?  If you want to know more about what the association does or what it could do for you, contact them at TheAMAUK