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22o5 Promotions

Bringing world class live Americana, Roots and Country music
to West Sussex, East Surrey, North Kent and beyond!


Here are some video clips of upcoming artists coming to 22o5 Promotions.


Lynn Miles performs on the Music Fog stage at Threadgill's WHQ in Austin, Texas. Recorded during SXSW® music week 2010.

Published on 18 Jan 2012


Don Gallardo - Diamonds & Gold

 (Official Video) from the album, Hickory.

Published on 15 Jul 2016


Carter Sampson - Queen of Oklahoma

Music video from her album, Mocking bird sing.

Published on 7 Jun 2013


The LYNNeS have just completed their debut album, a collection of co-writes between Ottawa-based songwriters Lynn Miles and Lynne Hanson. Here's a sneak peak at Gotta Have Rain ... live and unscripted from The Music Room.

Published on 17 Apr 2017


Lynn Hanson and the Good Intentions - 'Whiskey and Tears'

Lynn Hanson - vocals, guitar

MJ Dandeneau - bass, backing vocals
Shawn Killaly - drums

Published on 20 May 2017

Whitney Rose-  Better To My Baby

Music video for from Whitney Rose's latest album "Rule 62."

Published on 8 Sep 2017